I offer you a variety of massage treatments, with the Keva system of care and compassion. 

Swedish Massage

 Swedish massage is the most popular form of bodywork. It is used to relax the entire body, increase circulation, blood flow, and flexibility to improve muscle function. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced greatly causing improved mood.


Deep Tissue Massage

My motto is "It does not have to hurt to be effective." Many people think that “deep” equates to pain.  Deep tissue simply means getting deeper into muscle fiber to release tension. That may cause pain or discomfort but it does not always have to. Not everyone needs deep tissue massage and not everyone can handle it and that's okay. Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage but uses firmer pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue). Light pressure is first applied to warm the muscles up before working on scar tissue or muscle adhesions (more commonly referred to as "knots"). Always let me know if the pressure is too deep. You may be able to take a great deal of pressure on some muscles but not on others.

Prenatal No woman is the same. No pregnancy is the same. Therefore no prenatal massage will be the same. I perform side lying massages, where mother cradles pillows or a body pillow while lying on one side. I DO NOT work on the stomach. This is a very personal experience. Every mother has to tell me what her needs and intentions are for her massage. There are many benefits of prenatal massage including, reducing back and joint pain, improving circulation, reducing edema and swelling, reducing muscle tension, reducing stress and anxiety, and improved sleep. The better mom feels the better baby feels. Massage will only be performed after the first trimester and with the consent of a physician.




60 minutes $120

75 minutes $130
90 minutes $175
120 minutes $250



$20 additional travel fee for locations over 40 miles

$20 late night or last minute fee

$5 Credit Card surcharge




Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
$160 an hour and

$200 for 90 minutes




Energy Transformation

(4 pack)
4 60 minute mobile sessions for $440
4 90 minute mobile sessions

for $640


(8 pack)

8 60 minute mobile sessions for $850

8 90 minute mobile sessions for $1240

You save when you purchase in bulk!


Note** Packages do not include manual lymphatic drainage massage.



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