Giving birth puts a great deal of stress on the body. Postpartum massage can help to restore the body to its pre pregnancy condition. It has been shown to be effective for a quicker recovery. Not only does it help reduce stress and improve sleep, it helps to regulate hormones, reduce swelling, and improve breast feeding. Postpartum is just as important as the prenatal massage. I give postpartum massages for Dad as well! Ask About the Mommy and Daddy Package.



Used to help athletes prevent injuries, prepare for athletic activity to maintain optimal conditions for their specific sport. The basic forms are pre-event, post-event, and maintenance massage. Stretching is used on the muscles that are most used. The goal is to maximize athletic performance.

Lymphatic Drainage.

The lymphatic system helps to eliminate waste in the body to aid the immune system. A light pressure is applied to increase the flow of lymph. Lymph drainage is common after surgical procedures, for arthritis, and for people that have edema. Lymph drainage can also be used for better breast feeding. It can help to reduce engorgement and alleviate plugged ducts ultimately reducing soreness in the breast and nipples to promote better breast feeding. Lymphatic drainage is recommended at least twice a year to help drain the body of waste. Lymph drainage massages reduces swelling in the body and helps to eliminate waste. Some people may find a reduction in body fluid and report looking and feeling lighter and slimmer.

Fascia Busting

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds everything together. Fascia is very important to our muscle health. Tight fascia can cause pain, restricted blood flow, cellulite, and the appearance of our skin. I use a specialized tool along with specific massage techniques to loosen fascia and help aid in a better looking and felling you!


An ancient form of energy healing that promotes stress reduction and relaxation. A gentle lying on of the hands is used to open up the chakras or energy centers on the body. Energy is directly related to our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Chronic pain sufferers and people with varying illnesses find great benefit from reiki. It is important to discuss what your intentions are for the session prior to having the work completed.




AMTA has worked toward fair licensure and portability in all 50 states.



60 minutes $100

75 minutes $115
90 minutes $130
120 minutes $150



60 minutes $90

75 minutes $105

90 minutes $120

120 minutes $140



Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
$150 an hour and

$200 for 90 minutes


$120 an hour

$150 for 90 minutes




Energy Transformation

(4 pack)
4 60 minute mobile sessions for $360
4 90 minute mobile sessions

for $480


(8 pack)

8 60 minute mobile sessions for $700

8 90 minute mobile sessions for $940



Note** Packages do not include manual lymphatic drainage massage.



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